Buddy's Broads Superbowl Dress Parade

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Bobby Hebert leads the "Buddy's Broads" parade of men in the French Quarter

Buddy's Broads (men in dresses) parade in the French Quarter!

January 31, 2010 - New Orleans, Louisiana - Thousands of men in dresses, calling themselves "Buddy's Broads", mustered at the Superdome in honor of sportscaster Buddy Diliberto, who vowed after years of frustration to wear a dress if the New Orleans Saints ever made it to the Super Bowl. Former Saints quarterback Bobby Herbert (pictured above) led the "Buddy's Broads" parade of men in dresses from the Superdome to Bourbon Street in the French Quarter to fulfill Buddy Diliberto's promise. "Buddy's Broads" parade dresses ran the gamut from tiaras to white shrimp boots. During the parade, the "Buddy's Broads" men chanted "Bud-dy! Bud-dy!" & "Buddy D! Buddy D!" & "Who dat say day gonna beat dem Saints? Who Dat!"

Left to Right: Craig Sanders, Mary Beth Guarisco, Randy Parkins & Michelle Minyard

Ken Hill painted his house black & gold with the schedule on his garage door in 1980
(The New Orleans Saints went 1 & 15 in 1980)

Send your photos of the Buddy's Broads Dress Parade to: webmaster@buddysbroads.com

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Buddy's Superbowl Dress Parade

Bobby Hebert, the Cajun Cannon, will host Buddy & Bobby's Brawd's "Bunch-of-Men Dress March" on Sunday, January 31, 2010. This is a shout-out to all Men of the Who Dat Nation to wear a dress and join the hairy-leg parade from the Superdome to the French Quarter to pay tribute to Buddy Diliberto. For years, the late Buddy D promised he would wear a dress if the Saints ever went to the Super Bowl. The Cajun Cannon plans to lead the hairy-legged group of men in honor of Buddy D. The group called Buddy & Bobby's Brawds will start the parade at high noon in front of the Superdome * Gate A * on Sugar Bowl Drive. The procession will second line down Poydras Street to Carondelet, across Canal to Bourbon Street, ending in the French Quarter at Bourbon and Conti for a block party & "Best Dress" & "Hairy Legs" contests outside Oceana Grill restaurant. Men of Black & Gold, get your dress ready, Who Dat!

What's the dress for the parade? Yes, a dress, heels and a hat.

Parade Map

These New Orleans Saints aren't Buddy's Brawds

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